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With Purpose, Passion and Peace

By Beth  

It is my passion and purpose that prompts me to write this article, or rather, this Message of Love, and share it with my beloved ‘Family’.
I realized that when I take time first thing in the morning and last thing at night (before falling asleep), to BE grateful for this amazing Life’s Journey, it inspires me to BE even more grateful and ‘greatful’. It catalyzes me to BE even more deeply on purpose and that every thought, word, deed of mine be done with passion and joy. All of this leads to an inner peace that encompasses the All That Is!!
It also prompts one to declutter one’s life on all levels . . . . Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. In reflecting on how grateful/greatful I AM, I realized my current wallet is so cluttered with receipts, phone numbers and scribbled messages, business cards from long ago, credit cards and membership cards that no longer serve, and I realized that I have not left room for new and even greater prosperity and abundance to manifest into my life. It is as if Heaven is at my doorstep, but cannot enter due to the ‘clutter’ at my front door! I AM ‘cleaning out my closets’ so to speak with purpose, passion and in peace . . . .then I gaze at my desk and see all the bills for services rendered piled high waiting to be paid and/or filed away. What am I waiting for . . . .not another nanno second more of this clutter. . . . which is really ‘holding on’ to what I have become used to even when it is at my own expense! This clutter blocking me living on purpose with passion and always at peace.
So as I close this brief ‘Message of Love’ first for myself, and then for my ‘Family’, I urge you to also live on purpose, with passion and in peace by decluttering all that stands in the way of this manifesting!
With Rainbows of Love and Light,

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