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About Us

Rainbow of Promise is my heart path, as for the last 15 years I have been “called” to the Spiritual Realm very deeply. Having had numerous psychic and “out of body” experiences, I knew I was being guided to go on this path. Initially it was all about “Physician Heal Thyself/Know Thyself”. That took all of my focus, energy and faith to be where I am now. Honestly, I continue to grow and expand daily and am now ready to share what I have learned on the “Journey” so far . . . .

Another passion of mine is animals, especially the Horse. Over the last ten years I have been an owner/caretaker/partner of horses and have received the multitude of blessings from their “therapy”. This led me to follow my promptings again and I found myself taking the EPONA EFEL (Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning) training which is an ongong process. This training along with the numerous years of caring for horses showed me what wonderful intuitive “clear mirrors” they proved to be.

We are all here to grow and expand and to support each other to do the same, all in the Highest Good, never interfering with another’s free will. Intuitively I AM blessed and can share this blessing with others through the vast means of vibrational healing and balancing modalities. All of us have exactly what we need to BE the magnificent Divine Beings we are. However, there are those times when we just need some support, guidance and assistance to get back on track. It is no accident that there are a myriad of ways in which we can get back on track as the Universe saw to it that we would have as much assistance as needed and in a variety of ways to suit our own uniqueness.