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Color is a frequency of light. We get many different kinds of color based on how light is broken down, reflected and absorbed, thus creating different wave lengths. Each color has a different frequency and therefore a different vibration/energy. These vibrations have an influence/impact on us. How about those days when we are called to wear a particular color, say for example, we are going for an important interview or on a very special date. We choose colors that will make us feel powerful and confident ie blue or black for the interview; while choosing colors that make us attractive for a date ie red or yellow, etc. Like color, we are energy as well and are comprised of four different energy bodies: physical; emotional; mental and spiritual. Any one or more can be out of balance, meaning not in holistic unity of the four bodies. However, the right amount of directed color (vibrational frequency) can bring about balance so one can get rid of inner toxins ie negative patterns, habits, thoughts, etc. Recognizing and releasing these toxins opens us up to a more fulfilling and joyful life. Habits are learned patterns and/or perspectives, that block us from truly appreciating oneself and BEing in the moment. Color is one means in which to restore harmony and balance with oneself.