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EFEL Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning

Horses are called “4 legged shamans” and there is a very good reason for this. They are natural teachers/therapists if you will. To quote Kathleen Barry Ingram, MA an Epona EFEL Practitioner: “Horses help people learn about their nonverbal cues, unconscious behavior patterns, and the emotional import and intent of their words and actions.” In other words, horses help us learn to be present in the NOW and not to rely on outdated thought patterns or opinions. Interacting with these 4 legged shamans encourages one to be more fluid in thought, emotion and behavior. Horses are able to dislodge deep emotions; secret or unconscious destructive behavior patterns in participants. They can help people in discovering their Authentic Selves, thus creating a new way of living in this world through Way of the Horse.
Together the horses and Beth will co-facilitate in assisting the participants in experiencing this healing interaction. Email Beth at beth@rainbowofpromise.com for further information and to schedule an appointment.